Keep the memories of your family in the best possible way. A day in a life sessions are the opposite to the classic family portrait session. Here you don't need to pose and feel awkward infront of the camera, is not necessary to wear the same colors on your clothes and the best part is that you don't need to fake your smile :) In fact, you need to leave your home if you don't want to and you can wear pajamas if you like.

This sessions were meant to capture the everyday moments you share among your family. Your kids, your pets, your lovely husband or wife, the smiles, the tantrums, the siesta moments, the games. Those everyday objects at your home, the ones your kids will remember when they grow up. If you think about your childhood you can feel the nostalgy about your things, the walls, the furnitures of the home you grew up. You can almost smell those moments right? Now imagine your kids having those memories printed for their futures.
This sessions are not made for the Christmas cards only, this is a legacy for your family and I'll love to have the pleasure to capture those moments for you.